Contemporary Wood Letter Boxes

Our contemporary style of letter boxes are absolutely unique in design and construction!

Crafted from an Australian manufactured wood panel, (FSC certified), and using our specially developed mitre jointing techniques and modern water prrof glue technology, these letterboxes make a first class additon to any home or farm.

Our modern letterbox styles feature front or rear doors, choice of slot designs, engraving of house numbers and street name, and painted to perfection. Our jointing techniques enable us to achieve crisp corner details that further enhance the wood grain texture of this unique product.

At home in both the city and at the country farm, we build these letterboxes to any size and shape, with any combination of door placement and letter slot design.

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss this item with us.

classic design letter box

Our classic design in letterboxes, available in any size.

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classic mail box from the rear

Access door at rear of the letterbox.

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custom design mail box

A custom designed letter box for one of our clients with stainless steel front letter plate

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letterbox with open door

A custom design, showing door opening details.

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Some key points about our contemporary letter boxes

  • We can build these to any size.
  • Strong, weatherproof, termite resistant, long life span.
  • Painted in a wide range of colours.
  • Text engraving available.
  • Truly unique in design and execution.
  • Can be designed for post mounting or wall mounting.