Rustic Twig Wood Works

We are not just wood!

We are designers and builders of custom wood and metal products.

  • rustic wood letterboxes
  • stylish contemporary wood letterboxes
  • engraved wood signs
  • painted wood signs
  • painted metal signs
  • rustic & modern bird houses
  • rustic and modern bird feeders
  • traditional English style dovecotes

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Rustic wood letterboxes

Contemporay wood letterboxes

Engraved wood signs

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Reclaimed wood boards

Our business is built around reclaimed wood products, here is the story of finding and recycling some of these boards. This is how we often find the old wood we use, this bundle of hardwood fence palings were retrieved from a local property where they had been sitting under an old tree for a number…

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Painted wood sign

Sometimes some words that are particularly appropriate for the work we do in our business take our eye. Being both a keen woodworking advocate and practitioner, as well as being left handed, we found these words very close to our heart. As one of the worlds left handers, generally, I overcome most difficulties and what…

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Wood letterbox construction

We build strong, quality long lasting rustic wood letterboxes, designed to resist the extremes of the Australian harsh climate. No thin boards, or shortcut construction techniques here! Our timber is reclaimed from a number of sources, most of it is probably more then seventy five years old, has lots of layers, nail holes, splits and…

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