We are designers and builders of custom wood and metal products.

  • rustic wood letterboxes
  • stylish contemporary wood letterboxes
  • engraved wood signs
  • painted wood signs
  • painted metal signs
  • rustic & modern bird houses
  • rustic and modern bird feeders
  • traditional English style dovecotes

Our products are individually designed, we pride ourselves on customised unique items.

Our Products page is a great place to see an overview of what we make.

Or Contact us if you have an idea or design you would like to discuss with us.

Would you like an item individually styled or built? Our Custom page will start you on your journey!

Latest posts

stone drains and rock work

One of the last large projects for spring, was the completion of another stone drain along our bottom driveway. We have two drive ways, one from the house to the road, which is about 300 metres long, and another not … Read More

fire wood cutting

We live on a 55 acre (22 hectare) property, and often have the chance to harvest fire wood from fallen trees. This is the only source of heating we have in winter month’s, and is also used for cooking. This … Read More

snow peas harvest

We are just starting to come into spring, our snow peas have rocketed off with the milder weather and produced a bumper crop for us. Very easy to pick a dish for our favorite recipes. And finally cooked as an … Read More