About us, our passion, our craft, our story

We live and work in North East Victoria, midway between Wangaratta and Benalla, operating from our farm that nestles in the hills rising up from the stunning winton wetlands  This ephemeral wetland area is a haven for bird life endemic in this area, and provides us with inspiration and passion that we translate into our unique products.

Our materials and process

A variety of timber materials are used in our products, each selected to contribute strength and functionality, whilst maintaining the aesthetic qualities we desire in each item we build. We use quality water based paints and finishes, along with high strength water proof glues, and stainless steel or heavily galvanised fasteners. We are committed to long term sustainability, both for ourselves and our products. We generate all our own electrical power from the sun with no grid connection, use appropriate timbers and panels from sustainable sources and environmentally sensitive paints and finishes.

our first bird house

Our first birdhouse in 2002

This is our first birdhouse, built in 2002, with fresh paint and crisp joints. If you compare it to the photograph below, you can observe the gradual weathering that occurs to our products and adds that rustic charm.

our first bird house

As it looks now!

This was one of our first birdhouses, built in 2002 from reclaimed hardwood floor boards and still going strong. The paint has weathered nicely and it is still used by finches each season. They always seem to enter and exit from the left, as indicated by the wear marks on the front panel.

Engraved timber signs

Timber signs are typically engraved on durable Australian hardwoods, we also produce signs using a composite wood based board manufactured in New South Wales.

Painted wood and metal signs

We build our painted wood and metal signs from reclaimed wood and recycled galvanised iron. Weathered timbers and rusty corrugated iron re-rolled flat gives our signs a unique edge.

Rustic furniture

Traditionally crafted with pegs and round tenon joints, we select native acacia saplings and recycled timbers to produce these items.

Bird feeders and bird houses

Our bird feeders and houses are built using reclaimed timber and metals, as well as a wood composite material depending on the style and aesthetics of the individual item.

Letter boxes

Letter boxes are built from either a wood based composite panel or reclaimed timbers, engraved with street name and numbers when required.


Our dovecotes are styled in the typical English tradition, with some unique modern features and designed for the harsh climate in Australia. Using solid wood frames, and panels made from Weathertex, we build single storey and two storey dovecotes for use as bird houses or bird feeders.