Cleaning up at the greenhouse

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cleaned up garden bed

A few years ago we planted a selection of pigface (Mesembryanthemum) , along the front of our greenhouse to provide some colour and cover the bare soil. And boy, did it grow and flower well! Our greenhouse it at the top of our fenced garden block, as at the time this was one of the few flat areas where we could build it. There are two rock terraces in front leading down to the car parking area we built to give us this flat spot.

The roots have traveled under the greenhouse, and down through the rocks to escape. Each year about this time, we consider cutting it back or removing it, but it always looked attractive and flowered so well, we would put it off for another season. Our dog sleeps in it and it provides a home for small lizards as well.

cleaning up the garden bed

but its time had come, and after a couple of days digging, grubbing and raking, we finally had the plants and roots removed and loaded into the back of our ute to take to our composting pile.

ute load removed.

This garden bed was only 5 metres long and upto a metre wide, but it sure produced a lot of plants, runners and twigs. Now it is cleaned up, we will replant it with some upright flowering cactus plants we have, and as it faces north towards the sun, these will flower profusely and be viewed from our house and garden. Finally a layer of gravel mulch to protect the bare soil and another cleanup job for spring is completed.

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