Traditional wood dovecotes made in North East Victoria

Our range of dovecotes follow traditional English styles, and are built using modern sustainable materials for our climate in Australia.

These dovecotes are available for post mounting or wall mounting, or if requested we can provide secure suspension points that allow the dovecote to be suspended. Post mounted dovecotes are six sided in a classic hexagonal shape, whilst for wall mounting they are three sided with a plain rear panel that allows easy attachment on a convenient wall.

We offer single storey and two storey designs, in either birdhouses or birdfeeders, or a combination of both. A selection of cutout opening designs on each panel are offered, including roman and gothic styles, or other custom shapes. (heart shapes and circular cutouts are popular too).

Each dovecote we build is traditionally framed to provide a solid and long lasting structure for attaching the outer panels. Once we cut out the shapes on these panels, they are attached using waterproof adhesives and galvanised fasteners to the frame. Next we cover all joins with custom mouldings, again using waterproof glues and fasteners. Our final step is sanding, cleaning up and painting using high quality Australian acrylic paints.

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss these items with us.

Some key points about our Dovecote bird feeders and bird houses

  • Available in single storey and two storey sizes.
  • Post mounting, wall mounting or suspended mountings from a tree.
  • We supply custom timber brackets with post mounting style. (to fit a nominal 90mm post)
  • Bird house styles, bird feeder styles or a combination of both in the two storey design.
  • Custom text engraving available (at a slight extra cost) on the wall panels, eg: name, dates, property names.
  • Classically painted white, however we can offer other colours at no extra charge.
  • Built for the worst of our climates in Australia, traditionally framed and covered with FSC certified Weathertex boards.
  • Unique construction techniques, designed to shed rain and water with all corner and roof joints covered in custom mouldings.
  • Proudly Australian, designed and crafted in North East Victoria.