Engraved timber house name plaques

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engraved wood wall sign

These engraved and painted timber property signs were completed recently for one of our customers for their bed and breakfast accommodation. The larger sign measures 550mm wide x 290mm high, designed to mount on a fence, with a smaller sign that fits on the entrance door to a house.

They are constructed from a commercial grade exterior wood product made here in Australia, engraved to requirements and finished in water based acrylic exterior grade paints. This type of panel enables us to achieve fine engraving details and crisp finished edges to the lettering of the sign, that provides a superb effect once painted in the customers choice of paint colours.

The wood panels have a sawn wood grain texture on the face of the board and have a thickness of approximately 10mm, with an engraving depth of 2.5mm. These signs are designed to be attached to any flat surface, using a screw at each end of the sign.

We can build these signs in many different sizes, they are perfect for engraving of logo’s and simple designs, as they hold their routed edge extremely well. On larger rectangular or square signs which do not have a flat mounting surface, we fit square timber rails top and bottom of the panel, with a rebated edge that the panel is glued into with waterproof adhesive.

These larger signs, because of the timber rails top and bottom, can be designed to be suspended from chains using hooks or attached to two posts, or uneven surfaces by screws secured through the timber rails. The wood rails also ensure that the panels do not warp or bend, if not secured to a flat surface.

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