Engraving an old wood plank

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wood plank on our engraving machine
finished lettering on wood sign

Whilst attending an open garden recently near Mansfield in N/E Victoria, we were asked if we could engrave a property name on an old slab of wood.

This piece of wood was a reclaimed section cut from an ancient painters plank that had a history and story associated with its owner.

wood painters plank

It had large cracks, some of which went the full depth of the timber, plugged holes and other assorted holes in the face of it. The board was effectively held together by a metal strap and nails at each end.

Older timbers are always problematic, this one was split and the wood was hard and very well seasoned. We decided to layout the text to avoid cutting into the plugged holes and the other nail holes prominent at one end.

We were very pleased with the outcome and quality of the lettering, (top image), as old timbers are always prone to splintering and chipping around the outline of the engraved edges.

wood plank on our engraving machine

This image shows the sign on our engraver, and even with sharp end mills for the cutting tool, splinters and rough edges abound.

With final careful sanding the end result was a very nicely engraved name on the sign, and a very happy customer!


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