fire wood cutting

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fallen fire wood

We live on a 55 acre (22 hectare) property, and often have the chance to harvest fire wood from fallen trees. This is the only source of heating we have in winter month’s, and is also used for cooking.

This redgum tree has shed numerous branches, and will provide us with a significant amount of wood. This wood is dry, dense and superbly suitable for our wood heater and stove. Our experience tells us to cut it into 300mm logs, the most suitable size for our heater/stove.

cut up fire wood

As we are almost out of winter and coming into spring, it is a simple matter to cut the wood with a chainsaw and stack it directly into the containers we use. This time of the year is variable for heating, so we cut only what we need, and the balance will be cut up over summer and stored in our wood shed for next winter.

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