The reclaimed and recycled materials we use

old wood floorboards

Old floorboards, lining boards or roof timbers, in fact any wood, can with a little patience be reclaimed and re-purposed. Our floorboards are often Victorian mountain ash or Tasmanian oak, along with brushbox, all provide the durable hardwoods we use in our bird houses and bird feeders.

We sort, extract old nails and fasteners and rip the boards down each side to provide new edges for gluing into wider panels. Finally they are rough cut to length and stored in timber racks until required.

Some times we have to pressure wash the boards to remove the years of accumulated dirt and grime that builds up.

salvaged fence

These hardwood fence droppers are one of our most prized finds when we search for old timbers, they were used originally to space the individual wires in farm fences.

Often up to a hundred years or more in age these durable and beautifully weathered pieces of wood find their way into our rustic furniture as the backrests in seats and benches.

Extremely long lasting, difficult to work with at times because of their hardness, but very satisfying in our finished products, we highlight the structure of the surface with natural timber oils.

rusty corrugated iron

Rusty old corrugated and flat galvanised steel has so much character and charm that reflects the enduring qualities of this Australian icon.

Every piece is different, some have holes that were once used to secure it to it’s supports, other sheets show the ravage of time and harsh climate. Sometimes we even find sheets that have been used for target practice by shooters.

We re-roll, flatten, trim, shape and fold these sheets into material that provides individuality and uniqueness to our products.

rusty fence wire

Salvaged rolls of old rusty fence wire, provide the base materials that we use to provide supports for our range of hanging bird feeders and birdhouses.

We sort and straighten the wire into usable lengths, before forming the loops and decorative features that help to give our products their earthy Australian quality.