modern feeder

Contemporary painted bird feeders

An outstanding range of bird feeders for modern contemporary architecture.

We are justly proud of the development of our range of unique, contemporary style bird feeders. Using the same Australian made wood panel as that in our bird houses, it gives us an almost unlimited scope for the design, shapes and colours of these items .

Specially developed joints, assembly techniques and modern adhesive technology all contribute to a product that reshapes our ideas on what a bird feeder should be. Our skills, in unison with a modern wood panel, allows for crisply executed corners, fine detailing and engraving of text if required.

We can craft these bird feeders to any size or shape, with a wide range of options for cutouts in the side panels. Gothic, roman, round, square or any shape in between can be developed for these items.

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss this item with us.

Some key points about our contemporary bird feeders

  • We can build these to any size.
  • Strong, weatherproof, termite resistant, long life span.
  • Painted in a wide range of colours.
  • Text engraving available.
  • Truly unique in design and execution.
  • Can be designed for post mounting, wall mounting or suspended from a tree.