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painted wood sign for workshop

Sometimes some words that are particularly appropriate for the work we do in our business take our eye. Being both a keen woodworking advocate and practitioner, as well as being left handed, we found these words very close to our heart.

As one of the worlds left handers, generally, I overcome most difficulties and what we design on paper is what we end up with! But on occasions such as using a ruler or tape measure in reverse for measuring something, occasionally the numbers blend into each other or to our left handed brain are actually inverted and we have cut the occasional board to the less then appropriate dimensions.

We take care, and most of our rulers are metric with the same scales on each side, to help prevent these errors, but there is always a slight paranoia when cutting custom supplied materials to size.

This sign we produced above, now hangs permanently in our workshop, clearly visible and is a (not so) subtle reminder, that if the measurement does not look right, then it is most likely not right!

This is a section of of some of the rustic old timbers we use in there natural state, the time weathered and rough cut board on the left is the one that was used to paint the sign shown above.

Lightly sanded, painted in an off-white base colour and slightly distressed before the lettering is applied, the signs we produce are suitable for both inside and outside use, as the paints are high quality exterior water based finishes.

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