picking raspberries

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The season before last, we relocated our raspberry and bramble berry plants to a new location in our garden. We had originally planted them along a fence made from chicken wire mesh, but we soon found that upkeep and picking berries from just one side was too difficult.

Our new beds now have wire trellising that contain and support the plants, and access to both sides for picking and pruning. We simply installed posts at each end and intermediate posts, and four lengths of fencing wire to support the plants.


Prince, one of our cats inspecting the new raspberry and bramble berry beds.

cat in raspberries

Each bed is about 10 metres long, and has drip irrigation line fitted to water the plants. We have three types of raspberries, including a golden and a heritage variety, the third is a local one which fruits well but is not a named type, as well as a loganberry, young berry and silvan berry.

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