Reclaimed wood boards

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reclaimed hardwood fence

Our business is built around reclaimed wood products, here is the story of finding and recycling some of these boards.

hardwood fence palings

This is how we often find the old wood we use, this bundle of hardwood fence palings were retrieved from a local property where they had been sitting under an old tree for a number of years. complete with spiders, cobwebs, earwigs and accumulated dirt, they were loaded into out ute and brought home for preparation.

hardwood fence palings ends

They certainly are rustic! But experience has shown us that often underneath the dirt and weathering lies years of history and a surprising aged wood surface, rich in colours and textures.

hardwood fence palings trimmed to length

These are the same boards, now cleaned up and trimmed to length ready for use.

hardwood fence palings with decking oil

And this is why we love reclaimed wood! with just a simple wipe of a water based decking oil, and the true colour and patina shines through.

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