Red Wood Letterbox

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red wood letterbox

We do not only build rustic wood letterboxes, we also construct a full range of custom designed modern letterboxes that are engraved and can be painted to match any environment.

These letter boxes are built from a commercial grade, Australian made wood panel, specifically manufactured for outdoor use in Australia’s harsh summer and winters. The wood panels have a rusticated bandsawn wood texture finish, are factory prime coated and then finish coated in durable exterior grade acrylic paints, inside and out. Inherently dimensionally stable, these panels cut and engrave to a superior finish on the cut edges and engraved lettering of the letterbox.

We have over a number of years developed and refined our jointing techniques on these products, using our experience gained from manufacturing bird houses and bird feeders with this material, with mitre locked corner joints and exterior grade weatherproof adhesives.

We fit high quality brass or stainless steel hinges, a heavily galvanised hasp and staple for fitting of a padlock, and a magnetic door catch to keep the door closed in the wind. A generous overhang of the roof contributes to water resistance, with a fully rebated lip around the rear exterior door.

Available in a number of styles and sizes, each letterbox is individually designed and custom built to customer specifications, we also offer cutouts that can be straight for mail only, or a combination of slot and magazine style as pictured. A stainless steel letterplate can also be fitted, in place of the cutouts on the front.

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