rustic feeder

Rustic timber bird feeders

Our range of rustic wood bird feeders are designed and built to be both stylish and practical.

Carefully chosen old weathered timber with loads of character, sometimes covered in layers of old finishes and often just showing the signs of age contribute to our unique style. The roofs of our bird feeders are made from old rusty corrugated iron sheets, re-rolled to give it a new life.

The timber is cleaned, the edges are recut, and for wider panels, we regroove the boards and use tongue and groove joints. All items are assembled with exterior waterproof glues and galvanised or stainless steel fasteners.

Our rustic timber bird feeders are coated with a clear finish that is low in volatile organic compounds. (VOC) They can also be supplied with no exterior coating and allowed to weather naturally over time.

Our feeders can be post mounted, hung from a convenient tree, or even fitted to a rusty garden fork to allow the feeder to be relocated easily.

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss these items with us.

Some key points about our rustic timber products

  • The dimensions of our rustic items can vary slightly from that shown.
  • It depends on the original width of the boards we are using at the time, and how we resaw them.
  • Colours are indicative, each item will have unique surface textures and colours depending on its story.
  • Even the roof will vary, sometimes it will have pronounced ripples from rerolling, adding to the character.
  • If you have a certain colour preference, let us know and we will attempt to match the boards for you.