Rustic painted metal sign

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painted metal sign

We recently completed this simply styled painted metal sign on a section of reclaimed corrugated metal roofing iron.

Designed for installation outside, the lettering on the sign is painted with an exterior grade of paint, applied to the galvanised metal corrugated roofing iron.

Our metal is reclaimed from a variety of sources, including old farm buildings and fencing, even found laying on the sides of roads. Being a recycled product each piece comes with its own unique rustic appeal. Some sheets are completely rusted out, in beautiful shades of reds and browns, other sheets are less aged, like this rustic sign, reflecting the greys of the galvanised protective coating.

We have a wide range of metal sheet material, all of our stock is reclaimed, it exhibits old attachment holes, rust, ripples and creases, and some pieces have holes and patterns completed by bullets and shotgun pellets. Our signs can be painted on metal with the corrugations intact, or often we re-roll the sheet to give a unique flat surface for the design.

After selection, each sheet of corrugated iron is trimmed to size, re-rolled to a flat sheet if required, and then cleaned and etched to provide a keyed surface that helps the exterior grade paints to adhere. Our signs that are made from re-rolled sheets are attached to a timber substrate, and fitted with simple timber mouldings to complete and enhance the metal signs.


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