Spring cherry blossom

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cherry blossom

We know when spring has arrived, because our cherry trees burst into blossom. Our property was an old cherry orchard originally, when we purchased it we still had about 100 trees surviving. Years of neglect, drought, cockatoos and weed infestation had taken its toll.

Originally it was our intention to salvage as many trees as possible and return them to there original productive glory. But this proved to be almost impossible, the many years of neglect had led to borer and termite infestations, rabbit and weed issues and growth from rootstock and suckers was too much.

As a result we removed most of the old trees, and re-vegetated significant parts of our property with indigenous trees and plants.

The tree below, which is one of the cherry trees we attempted to salvage, has almost recovered a few years after severe pruning (back to the trunk) and is now producing fruit.

Along with these two trees, we also kept a small block of about 12 trees in one corner for our own consumption. although the weeds and rabbits are gone, lack of irrigation water and cockatoos that descend in the hundreds ensure a battle to pick any remaining ripe fruit each season!

cherry tree

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