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rock drain

One of the last large projects for spring, was the completion of another stone drain along our bottom driveway. We have two drive ways, one from the house to the road, which is about 300 metres long, and another not so well made drive way that joins from the workshop, goes down to an old stone and corrugated iron cottage and then rejoins the “main drive way”.

This second road separates the workshop, solar panels, vegetable garden and chook shed on one side, from the garden side that is composed of exposed sheets of granite rock on the other. Being on a steep slope, heavy rain invariably runs straight down the grade and deposits the silt and water where its not needed.

Soon as we go into the drier part of the season, this sort of work is not enjoyable, the sandy loam packs down hard and when disturbed creates a miniature dust bowl. currently their is still moisture in the soil and that enables digging and repacking of the ground to be carried out relatively easier.

Last year we also relocated our raspberry and other brambles to a new area below this, and hopefully this will stop a lot of the silt and weed seeds being deposited on the raspberries when it rains heavily. The 150mm pipe is nicely hidden below the new garden bed created, and deposits the run off water in a location where it does not cause damage.

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