timber signs

Engraved Timber Signs

We offer engraved natural wood signs in a variety of sizes, styles, fonts, timbers and finishes.

Every sign is individually designed for our customers. We often have wavy edge natural bark boards on hand, as well as more traditional wood signs with square edges.

Local customers in the North East of Victoria will often supply their own slabs of timber for engraving, please contact us to discuss its suitability.

We can also offer engraving on both sides of the board (if suitable), making these signs ideal where there is a requirement that they may need be read from either direction in the street. Various suspension systems are offered, depending on your mounting requirements.

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss this item with us.

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How we prepare and engrave our timber slabs

This redgum slab was part of a clients job for two engraved timber signs. The slabs supplied by our client were originally the flitches with bark edges that are cut off the logs first at the sawmill to provide square faces for further cutting.

Approximately 1300mm long x 350mm high, and twisted, we first had to mill pockets in the redgum to accommodate the engraving of the text. The signs were left in there natural state, with only the letters highlighted by paint to provide a contrast with the grey weathered surface.