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Trays, Baskets, Beer Caddies

We produce a varied range of baskets, trays, beer caddies and wine bottle holders.

Using reclaimed and resawn timber such as Oregon (Douglas fir) and Australian hard woods, with handles from selected tree branches to complement the rustic feel of these items.

All of these products are assembled with waterproof glues, galvanised or stainless steel fasteners and coated with a clear water based finish. They are designed for exterior conditions, and accidentally leaving them outside exposed to the elements is not a problem.

Stylish, practical and perfect for gifts, we can engrave names, dates or words on to these, highlighting the letters with paint before clear finishing. We can also stencil painted designs onto all of these products, as well as

For more information, prices and details, just use our contact page to discuss this item with us.

Some key points about our rustic timber products

  • The dimensions of our rustic items can vary slightly from that shown.
  • It depends on the original width of the boards we are using at the time, and how we resaw them.
  • Colours are indicative, each item will have unique surface textures and colours depending on its story.
  • The branches we use are as we find them, each piece fitted to the design.
  • If you have a certain colour preference, let us know and we will attempt to match the boards for you.