Wood letterbox construction

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wood letterbox construction

We build strong, quality long lasting rustic wood letterboxes, designed to resist the extremes of the Australian harsh climate. No thin boards, or shortcut construction techniques here!

Our timber is reclaimed from a number of sources, most of it is probably more then seventy five years old, has lots of layers, nail holes, splits and surface abrasions. This is the secret to their character, we only clean the boards to a minimum amount for working, joining and finishing. We want the story of this old wood to shine through and be reborn for another lifetime.

We do not use thin boards, fence palings or treated timbers, our wood is the real deal, re-purposed and re-machined, assembled with quality joints, fasteners and waterproof glues, they are designed and built to high standards to ensure longevity and enhance their time worn character.

Our boards are typically old floorboards, the timber often being Victorian mountain ash, Tasmanian oak, brushbox or other mixed types of hardwoods. Dimensions vary, especially the boards thickness, our jointing techniques help to maintain a level surface on the outside face of the letterbox.

After selecting the boards for a particular job, they are sorted, matched and re-machined on the edges to remove the often damaged old tongue and grooves, and milled with new grooves for jointing. The individual boards are then fitted with exterior grade plywood tongues and glued with exterior grade polyurethane adhesives. This technique allows the board joints to move without degrading the weather proofing of the joint.

wood board joints

The wood panels are then machined on our CNC router to cut the front mail slot and rear door, with number engraving if required. Finally they are cut to shape and size and assembled with stainless steel screws and waterproof glues.

After assembly the inside and outside are lightly sanded and finished with a water based finish to enhance and protect the boards.

rerolled roofing iron sheet

Our metal roofs start life as reclaimed galvanised roofing iron sheets, selected, rough cut and re-rolled flat. Finally they are trimmed, folded as required and attached to the letterbox with stainless steel fasteners. A generous overhang on all sides helps to shed water when it rains.

The last step is attachment of the rear door using brass hinges, a galvanised hasp and staple for locking, and a magnetic catch inside to keep the door closed. A final inspection, some photographs, then packing and delivery!

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